Creating the Ideal Work Space: Sound Masking Systems

Creating the Ideal Work Space: Sound Masking Systems

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 Creating the Ideal Work Space:Sound Masking Systems

Today’s office environments have several shared characteristics:
• In an effort to cut back on real estate cost and wasted workspace, many companies are opting for open offices.
• To increase employee interaction, upper management frequently abandons private office space to join the open office plan.
• An increase in team projects and an emphasis on collaboration requires more group work and shared working space.
• While office walls tumble, technologies such as speakerphone and interactive Internet meetings are still popular.
• Equipment noise is difficult to avoid in an open office setting.

Although the office of today is geared towards cost saving, an open workspace creates the unique problem of distractions from excessive noise. Numerous studies convincingly demonstrate that noise is the number one contributor to lack of productivity in the workplace. It is difficult, if not impossible, to pay attention to details while distracting noises are prevalent.

Increased interests in the health, safety, comfort and productivity of employees gave birth to the ergonomics boom. Acoustical concerns in the workplace parallel, and far exceed, the trend in ergonomics.

One way to create an atmosphere that meets the needs of both the employer and employee is to install a sound masking system. Currently, 15% of new office buildings are equipped with masking systems and the trend is expected to continue and expand over the next few years.

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